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If You're an Inventor I Can Help You

If you’re an inventor and need help getting started, you’ve come to the right place. If you just want some direction on where to start first, give me call or an email. You don’t need to tell me what your invention is for me to help you define a direction.

The phone call and consultation time are free of charge and there are no contracts that require any money upfront or long time commitments. I’m here to help you see if your product idea has potential and to determine what your first or next steps should be in the invention process.

I am NOT an invention company that is a “one-stop-shop” where empty promises are made.  I help design and make virtual prototypes of your product. I don’t determine whether your product will sell on the open market. This is a good thing. You don’t want a company that’s promising you success for a given amount of money. No one can guarantee you success. For scam companies see http://www.inventored.org/caution/

I’m a mechanical designer for metal, plastic and sheetmetal parts. I can help you design your product, make patent drawings, technical drawings, manufacturing files for 3D printing and then, eventually injection molding if needed. Files for injection molding almost always need some adjustments to accommodate the design of the mold.

I make product videos, promotional sheets and advertising literature combined with pictures of your virtual product. If you need a website for your product, I can do that for you as well.

What I Can Do For You

1. Design your product for the most cost effective manufacturing and unique and effective patenting.
2. Brainstorm with you on ways to make your product unique, to stand out or offer something that
your competition doesn't have.
3. Create 3D virtual prototypes
4. Test models for operation in simulation software and stress testing engines.
5. Create CAD files for manufacturing molds, CNC & 3D printing
6. Create physical prototypes or refer you to relevant developers who would use the CAD files to
produce your physical model.
7. Create marketing pictures, videos & presentation files. I can help you with tag lines, product
names or product copy. I love advertising and making your product more exciting by creating a
feeling into the marketing materials.
8. Create patent drawings for provisional or utility patents.

I work directly with the attorneys or patent agents for you and supply them with the requested drawing views, exploded views, numbered parts list with drawings etc. If you don't have a patent agent or attorney, I can refer you to the one I use.

What I Can Help You Do For Yourself

  1. Search for your product using Google images and Google Patents.
  2. Do some market analysis on your own to decide if your product is relevant to the market today. Check keyword searches and blog postings. See if there’s a need or if your product solves a problem. Even forming a focus group can help. Check out my Product Considerations page for some more info.
  3. Write and file a provisional patent with the USPTO yourself. Leave the Utility patent for an attorney.  Also, the Utility patent could be paid for by whoever you licensed or sold your product to. Just a note; a provisional patent is cheaper to file and doesn’t have the same requirements as a utility patent.
  4. Find and approach potential buyers or licensees of your product and do the presentation yourself using the marketing materials we develop from your virtual model.
  5. Contact manufacturers and give them the CAD files we develop to quote off of. I can recommend to you several good mold maker for plastics or refer you to a relevant manufacturer that aligns with your product if you need help.
  6. Market your idea for a fraction of the cost of an advertising agency to relevant sources and niche sites. Understand that you don’t have the power or expertise of a good ad agency but, if your finances are limited, you can do a fairly good job yourself.
  7. Contact blogs, magazines, social media sites, all to promote or launch your product yourself. For some products, you can consider funding sites such as kickstarter.com and indiegogo.com

A Bit More Info

If you’re an inventor, and have an idea and need help to get it up and going, then you’ve come to the right place.  I offer Inventors assistance and support in whatever capacity they need.

I made a page, specifically for inventors, called “How to Start an Invention.” On this page I try to address the process in a general way.  If you simply want to get started, you can call or email me directly. I can usually come to a conclusion fairly quickly as to whether you need my services by just talking to you for a few minutes. This way, in a short phone call or email, you can get a direction to take.

Familiarizing myself with your project, answering your questions and offering a path for you to take, is all free of charge. I take no money down and I don’t require a deposit. You’re not charged a dime until you’re sure you can use my services and that we both understand the path you’d like to take. This way you can relax while we review your project.

If you need a 3D model for printing or, an eventual mold, detailed technical drawings, presentation files, or even animations of your product assembling, then I can help you. I can also produce marketing videos for YouTube and realistic, high resolution pics for flyers, posts to Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media outlet.

From a data filled 3D model, CAD files can be extracted for just about any computer aided manufacturing process. You can see your prototype virtually to check for appearance and preliminary function, and then a 3D print for prototype testing which will then lead to a manufacturing process that fits your product.

CAD is a far superior way to draw and keep track of your information. I have a passion for helping inventors and am very interested in helping them to succeed.

I have confidentiality agreements to protect your intellectual property. You can be assured that your ideas and inventions will remain yours. If you want, I will work with you to help you possibly expand on the design for a more efficient, cost effective product. Either way, whatever designs come from our collaboration are owned 100% by you.

I don’t get into partnerships or sharing of profits. “I’m just the CAD guy.” If what you’re looking for is solely my drawing ability, and not my design help, that’s great too. I’m here to help in whatever capacity is appropriate. 

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