About Us

About Us

“I Draw Dreams” is a Computer Aided Design company based in Central Oregon that is focused on helping inventors to design and produce their products. We make 3D virtual prototypes, create manufacturing files for 3D printing and mold production. Using the 3D virtual models we can create patent & technical drawings. We can also take those virtual models and produce presentation videos of your product in .mp4 format for use on websites, YouTube or for presentations to potential licensee’s or buyers of your idea.

We offer, as part of our standard service, to connect you with several 3D printers that we work with. We send the files to them after you’ve made contact and had them sign the appropriate NDA. We handle all the files and necessary communication in order to produce your 3D print. We give you all the files related to your project; you own them, they’re yours. When it comes time to consider manufacturing, we can connect you with an injection molding company and talk with their engineers for you, and make whatever modifications are required of the design. We’ll guide you through the process and help you get your product on the road.

Note: We make no commissions or kickbacks from the mold or 3D print companies.

"The CAD guy"

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I’m Brian, the CAD guy. I apply my knowledge from my education in automotive technology trade school, my 15 year career as an automotive technician for Oldsmobile and Cadillac, extensive mechanical fabrication & design projects,  two years in the study of Calculus, 3D Architectural design and drawing of houses, and nearly 16 years of combined 3D modeling experience, to the development of real world solutions to mechanical challenges that work. Problem solving is the linchpin of every project and recognizing design, as often times, the problem solver, is at the root of every successful solution.

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“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”   Mark Twain