Patent Drawings

Patent Drawings - Not What You'd Expect

Patent Drawings are not what you’d expect. The first thing that comes to mind for most people are the engineered drawings with the dimensions called out on a large piece of paper. Some of us have grown up with some rudimentary knowledge of plans for a building or a home remodel project whereas every detail is called out, followed with dimensions. Not so for the patent drawing.

The USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) has very specific requirements for patent drawings that are to be submitted. The USPTO requires everything from varying sizes of margins on the same page, to markings on opposite corners of the page, calling for each mark themselves to be a specific size! Fonts, depending on what they’re identifying, are sized specifically to what they’re showing. If you have numbered parts on an assembly, the USPTO require different style lines extending from them, again, depending on if it’s a single part, or an assembly of parts.

So what’s my point? You should submit your drawings for your patent correctly or they’ll be rejected. There are books to explain how to do this, or, I can help you in producing the drawings as well. If you already have a patent agent or attorney, I can make drawings according to what they require.

If you’re just applying for a provisional patent, the requirements are different from that of a utility patent. A provisional patent “holds your place in line” (so to speak) and may never be looked at by a patent agent until you submit a utility patent. A design patent is different from both of these. There’s a plethora of information on-line but this is just a quick overview. I talk about this more on the How to Start an Invention page.

patent drawing gears
patent drawing debooter
patent drawing exploded view
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How Do You Make a Patent Drawing ?

You might be wondering how patent drawings are made. I make them through the software model. By this I mean that you must have a 3D model first, in order to produce the drawings. The computer will take all the parameters (fancy way of saying dimensions) from the 3D model and create a “drawing view” and then you place it on the page.

So, the software I use, Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017, requires a model. This is actually faster than trying to draw or sketch a view. The software only asks that you drag the model onto the page and it draws it for you. So with one 3D model, you can make all the drawing views you want on multiple sheets.

patent drawing side view
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