Presentation Pics

Presenting Your Product to the World

They’re called, virtual prototype images, and when your design is finished, you’ll want to present it so, it should look good.  Makes sense, right? There are a lot of common products out there that we all need, however, we buy them because we need them, not because we want them. There’s a difference. It may be that your product will sell because someone wants it, more than they need it. In that case, a nice presentation video could help.

I’ve never seen anyone get too excited about buying toothpaste or ear swabs. How would you make toothpaste exciting? People do it. That’s the art of marketing. Never play down the genius of the creative marketer. Remember “Leggs”? Just some panty-hose right? Well how they made that stand out from the rest was simply the packaging; it looked like an egg! “Leggs!” Well that launched that product in perpetual financial success for years. The genius of marketing.

So how do you make your product exciting? There are several ways for, even those of us out here without a large corporation’s finances behind us, to make it look good. With some creative slogans or tag lines, music and a high definition video, your product can come to life, virtually.

The bottom line is that appearance has an incredible influence on marketing a product. The “copy” (words or description), is just as important but, I’ll bet dollars to donuts that you could sell a product by pictures alone before you could using only a description. So clean, clear pictures are essential to marketing your product.

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