I Draw Dreams Client Testimonials

“As an independent Inventor, I am in a sense, pitting myself against every Goliath to roam the Earth. This means that I cannot afford to compromise my dream of the future and what I can make of it.

This is where Brian Keast comes into play. He is more than extremely talented, he is intuitive and beyond gracious in his patience with my every whim and change in direction.

It isn’t often that you find someone willing to work with you as though they are invested in the outcome…I cannot not say enough, but to say, you can’t do any better than to bring your notions and your dreams to Brian!”

Mike Heagerty, Inventor, Entrepreneur – Oregon USA

“Working with Brian Keast of I Draw Dreams has to be one of the most pleasant experiences for me as an inventor. He is very thorough, with an extremely keen eye for detail. Coupled with timeliness, he communicates effectively and with clarity.

Brian was a significant resource and contributor to my project. His knowledge of CAD design substantially improved my patent drawings. His expertise of engineering practices was a major influence to the  overall project.

I Draw Dreams will definitely be a part of my next project.”

Ralph L. Williams – Inventor – “Concepts and Designs” – Silicon Valley, CA

“This was the first time I had ever tried to make an idea of mine come to life. I did plenty of research and eventually stumbled upon Brian Keast, and after a couple emails back and forth, I knew he was the one I wanted to work with.

He really goes the extra mile and gives you the feeling that he genuinely cares about your project, just as much as you do. I could not have asked for better quality, service, or price.”

Allan Symonette – Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“Even though my project was somewhat small, Brian worked with me as though I was his only client. Quick response, good suggestions and fairly and honestly priced. I look forward to working with him again on my next project.”

Steve Crawford – Chirp On LLC, Bend Oregon

“Brian produces affordable, quality products that are delivered on time.  He has produced 3D drawings for several projects. He is a great resource for the inventor.”

Julie EmshoffZulies LLC – Texas USA

“I would highly recommend Brian to anyone who is looking to take a concept and turn it into reality.

I’ve asked Brian to work on two projects for me in the past year. Brian took a look at both projects and with his expertise and knowledge was able to move forward and produce CAD files. Brian helped me see things I didn’t foresee which saved me thousands of dollars and is currently helping me reevaluate my decision to move forward with one Idea.

On the other project Brian delivered on time and with a fantastic CAD design. I am blown away by Brian’s competitive pricing and knowledge on designs and CAD work as well as creativity. My drawings were created on hand written paper and he took them and translated them into an actual working prototype.”

Randy Vehslage – HipStart LLC – Maryland USA

“Brian, from I Draw Dreams for Inventors, has been such an asset for our new product.  He not only executes our vision, but often has alternative ideas that help tremendously in the design process.  For us, he has brought more to the table than ever expected.  I can’t imagine going through the process without him.”

David Turek – David Turek Photography – New York – California

“Brian is a CAD artist. He very quickly and professionally converted my hand drawings to digital 3D CAD renderings. He made valuable recommendations for revisions to my original design and completed the CAD work quickly, professionally and efficiently. I am so very impressed with his work.”

Paul J. Armstrong – “pahlzart!  – Montana

“Were it not for Brian Keast, I probably would have given up on my idea all together. Most “Idea Submission” companies wanted thousands of dollars up front…before a proof of concept was even established!  Brian didn’t charge me a penny until we knew my project was doable. Brian helped me from the initial design stage to a now completed model built through his CAD program.”

“My device is currently in “Patent Pending” status and I have Brian to thank for that! Brian was extremely easy to work with, kept me well informed, and the man knows his stuff!  I would recommend Brian to any aspiring inventor looking to take their idea or concept to the next level.”

Patrick Howe – Howe High Athletics – Texas

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