Product Video Examples

The videos shown below are some examples of what can be done for presenting your invention as it becomes a product to market. If you need a video for presenting your invention to a buyer or a licensee, I can help.

It’s important to be able to show your buyer how the product works, the different variations or options that will be available to the buyer, and sometimes, how it comes apart or how it will be assembled. Sometimes it’s important to show just how many parts the manufacturer will be dealing with.

Precise Flight – Safelock Cupholder™ System

This is a unique cup holder using a rack-and-pinion design for aircraft and was developed by Precise Flight in Bend, OR.  It uses a twist-lock design to lock onto the base to prevent spillage.  This holder also works with conventional coffee cups or drink-ware.  For more information, or to purchase this product, go to www.preciseflight.com, then, on their menu go to “Safelock.”

If you’d like to see Precise Flight’s Marketing Video for this product as well as others, you can go directly to their video on YouTube through this link HERE.

Product Presentation – It’s Important

This is an example of a product presentation video for showing a simple product’s appearance, function, and sometimes how it’s assembled. This is a torque multiplier wrench.

Dual Action Locking Pliers – Invented by Mike Heagerty of  Bend Oregon

Taken from the patent description: A locking pliers tool with an improved dual action driver handle comprising two intersecting handles and interacting jaws.  When the user grips the handle forward the resultant force produces a locking action.  Conversely, when a rearward gripping force is initiated, the tool releases its grip on the object.   For more information visit Google Patents and put in US 7389714 B1.

Testing Smoke Detectors in a High Air Flow Envirnoment

This is an invention by Ralph Williams of San Jose, CA whereas he came up with an idea that enabled a technician to test a smoke detector in a high-air-flow environment. This eliminated the waste of test contents that would be sprayed into the air flow and lost, before it ever was able to reach, or be confined to, the detector. This video is a product presentation video for giving potential licensee’s or buyers of the product, an idea of how the tool operates and how it’s assembled and therefore, production costs.

Paradigm – The Aviator Chess Table

This is another one of my own furniture designs that incorporates the Precise Flight Safelock Cup Holder shown above, into the table. The table features an aircraft nose cone, 14″ wide automotive rims with a wood propeller insert fitting the cone.  It has swivel seats, a built in chess board, steel frame and an overhead light in the shape of an aircraft canopy. If you’re interested in the Chess Board, please contact me.

Paradigm the Coffee, Computer, Security System, Table!

This is a shameless plug for my own furniture that I design.  If you want to know more, click on the button below or go through the menu.  There are two versions and options for both. This table can be used for a wide variety of things from security systems to guns safes or simply as a computer or coffee table.

The DeBooter Ski Boot Removal Tool

This was invented by David Johnson of Bend, Oregon, formerly from Texas. It’s a great product that allows you to easily remove your ski boot with no struggling. It works fantastically well.

The Pocket Joust®

This was invented by Allan Symonette. This is a product video for pipe smokers looking for tools to use while smoking.  This invention keeps the mess off your hands and keeps the tools a pipe smoker would use, all in one place.  It’s also a built in diversion for lighter thieves.

The Pocket Joust®

This is a pipe smoker’s tool invented by Allan Symonette. This product video is another version of what’s above; same features just put differently.


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